NBA Rumors: Paul Millsap for Blake Griffin reconsidered, Clippers to match Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry

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Blake Griffin
Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/, Paul Millsap for Blake Griffin reconsidered

Blake Griffin seems settled on re-signing with the L.A. Clippers. And who wouldn’t with the kind of assurances he has been given by Doc Rivers and the team management? Sure, but how about the NBA rumors proposing Paul Millsap along with Kyle Korver?

Blake Griffin is said to be a true centerpiece for any team, not for his powerful dunks and athleticism, but for the way he has improved himself that’s re-shaping the team’s strategy.

He still has lots of room for improvement, but he’s also just 27 years old, and he’s picking up nicely, upgrading his mid-range capabilities.

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According to a report by Fox Sports the Clippers may be one of the best teams in the Western Conference, but if they are serious in putting themselves in direct contention against the Warriors led by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, they may want to consider trading their all-star for Atlanta’s Paul Millsap.

Paul Millsap is one of the most underrated players in the game today. He can do just about anything, as a small or power forward, and he has since developed his three-point capability.

He’s a “big man who can do 90 percent of what Griffin brings to the table.”

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Kyle Korver would be part of a package sent to the Clippers, while Atlanta will reap the benefits of a peaking Blake Griffin.

With Kevin Durant joining the Stephen Curry and the Warriors every team now needs to re-think their strategies to keep themselves in the competition.

Doc Rivers has reiterated his stance on keeping Griffin, but experts believe he ought to be more open and reconsider other options and possibilities to embrace change.

Would he be willing to disregard the possibility of at least standing a chance against the Warriors with Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant?

One of the downsides of keeping Griffin is his being prone to injuries, and his extracurricular activities that have led to his suspensions. The Clippers management needs a star they can truly rely on for leadership, and who actually shows up to play on a regular basis.

Paul Millsap, however, whose versatility is quite impressive, is also showing more stability having played 81 games last season with an average of 17.1 points, 9.0 rebounds and 3.3 assists, while shooting 47% from the field through 32.7 minutes of playing time per game.

This is exactly the kind of showing the Clippers needs to stay relevant against the best teams in the league. Will it be enough against the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry? At least that’d be a good start.

According to a report by iSports Times, the Hawks are relying heavily on Paul Millsap after losing Al Horford. But a talent such as Blake Griffin is something worth considering.

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