NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers in serious talks with LA Lakers, involving Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons

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NBA rumors are rife on the web that Philadelphia 76ers is in advanced talks with Los Angeles Lakers involving two NBA players, Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons.

Both players are widely considered in the basketball circle as the two best college players available in the upcoming NBA draft, and that any team would be happy to have just one of them to their roster because they have the potential to become franchise players.

This is not the first time Philadelphia has been involved in trading talks. Last summer, Philadelphia and Sacramento Kings have been in trading talks that involved multiple players including Nik Stauskas and draft picks. In that deal, Philadelphia has acquired the right to swap first-round picks with the Sacramento Kings in both the 2016 and 2017 drafts.

For Lakers, trading would be the last favorable option left on the table. The team now has the second-worst record in the NBA history, at 17-65.

The Lakers would love to get either Ingram or Simmons on their roster. The team believes that one or two of them would be enough to fill the small forward position that was vacated when Kobe Bryant retired from the NBA. However, the Lakers could still use a franchise player at the center position, something they already had done in the past with Shaquille O’Neil.

The Lakers is now in the process of rebuilding and has looked hard for outside talents for team improvement. The timing is good, the Philadelphia has something in their roster that has shown potential to be a franchise center in the NBA, and analysts believe that two teams can help each other.

One good example is the 20-year-old rookie named Jahlil Okafor, which averaged 17.5 points and seven rebounds per game. Okafor could be a good fit for Lakers. And since Okafor is young, at just 20-years-old he still has plenty of room to grow, those numbers could go up dramatically, giving Okafor’s team a massive boost in the court.

While it may sound foolish for an NBA franchise to get rid of the potential franchise center, the Philadelphia can afford to take that risk. Philadelphia has plenty of talents on board playing at the same position. In addition to the Okafor, the Philadelphia also have Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid on the roster.

The Philadelphia will have no problem sending Jahlil Okafor to the LA Lakers to ease their pains. In exchange for that, the Lakers can send the second overall pick in the NBA draft. Philadelphia can then acquire two promising players, by taking these two options, Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons.

The 6-foot-10-inch Ben Simmons could give 76ers a boost they’re looking for while Duke guard Brandon Ingram could be a good fit for the offensively challenged Philadelphia. Overall, it’s a smart decision for both teams, they all get what they really need.

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