NBA Draft Rumors: Sixers to pick Ben Simmons as No. 1 but trade for Brandon Ingram still an option

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During the March Madness, many believe that LSU’s Ben Simmons would get the number one pick in this year’s NBA Draft, but nowadays many experts state that Brandon Ingram will give him a run for the top pick .

About a month before the 2016 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers have already decided on who to select as the No. 1 pick in the rookie selection later this year. According to NBA draft rumors, new general manager Bryan Colangelo already has a name on who to make the top pick in the draft although he did not specifically say it was top prospect Ben Simmons.

“Yes,” Colangelo responded to a question about who to take as the top overall pick in the 2016 draft in a radio interview as reported by “I know what I would do today.”

Colangelo went on to state that league rules won’t allow him to reveal who the player is but the article states that there are “multiple sources” to confirm the NBA draft rumors that Colangelo is referring to LSU standout Ben Simmons. Colangelo added that they still have time to evaluate the draft situation and could change their mind depending on their evaluation of the top prospects.

“You want to leave your options open right down to the bitter end. Any number of things can happen in this process. Players reveal certain things over time. Some of it is based on scouting and watching games, and some of it is based on the interview and meeting process, some of it is based on individual workouts and physical information,” Colangelo said.

“You look at everything, you want to comb through all of the data to make sure there is nothing you have not uncovered.”

The Sixers are in the best situation owning the top pick and are choosing between Simmons and another top prospect in Brandon Ingram.

However, with the pressure from the fans and management to perform better next season, the Sixers could also trade their top pick for an established superstar so they can immediately challenge for a playoff spot next year to open NBA draft rumors that they are willing to trade Simmons this summer.

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