NBA Rumors: Rajon Rondo may end up with LeBron James & Cavs

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Rajon Rondo, Bulls, LeBron James, Cavs
Rajon Rondo, Bulls, LeBron James, Cavs

The defending champion Cavs has been straining to find new recruits in line with their projections to defend their NBA title. Their team captain, LeBron James has been successful so far in urging the team’s management to sign up sharpshooter Kyle Korver. NBA rumors point to Rajon Rondo next.

Asked if Korver was a final championship move, LeBron James made it clear that he wants the Cavs to have a big man. He wants someone who can defend the rim, control the boards, but acknowledged that there aren’t enough talents available in the market at the moment.

LeBron James reiterated his stance, that the Cavs need a backup point guard to Kyrie Irving. “We still got a couple more things we need to do,” LeBron James said in a report by Cleveland. “We gotta get a point guard. It’s my last time saying it. We need a point guard.”

LeBron James ‘ Cavs eyeing Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is becoming an odd fit with the Bulls, especially after the team benched him initially against the Pacers.

Rajon Rondo had asked to speak with higher management about his situation, but nothing much fruitful came out of it. If the Bulls intend to continue having him as a backup unit or have his playing time trimmed, Rondo says he’d rather ask for a trade.

On why Rajon Rondo is being benched, a member of the Bulls coaching staff said that the team was only “trying to save him from himself” according to a report by for NBA Rumors.

Rajon Rondo has been contributing well as a backup, but it is unlikely that his relationship with the Bulls could go on at this level, considering his high salary. It wouldn’t be practical for the team, and Rondo could do so much more for other teams like LeBron James ‘ Cavs.

“I talked to him about the lift and the spark that he gave us [Tuesday] with the energy and the pace, the push that he had with that second unit,’’ coach Hoiberg told ChicagoSunTimes. But should the Bulls continue to pay $14MM for a backup point guard?

Rajon Rondo to Cavs

NBA Rumors place Rajon Rondo as a highly possible trade for the Cavs. He fits the team’s need for a backup point guard, and LeBron James is adamant about it. The only downside to it is Rondo’s poor shooting of.368 from the field and just.298 from 3-point range. But the rest he can complement with his assists.

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