NBA Rumors: Ray Allen’s insecurity will ruin him, Stephen Curry will break his record

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Ray Allen (Photo Courtesy: simplisctic.designs/Flickr)

Rumors surrounding Ray Allen float around during the NBA offseason regarding a possible comeback. Could it be that the stories are true, and if so, what would an NBA comeback do to the 41-year-old former Miami Heat shooting guard?

After two years of absence in the league, perhaps it’s best that Ray Allen finally puts to rest ideas of competing at such a high level. Maybe he should just focus on his budding acting career where dreams are likely to play out fine.

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Allen has won two NBA championships in his 18 years in the league. He’s a 10x NBA all-star, and he’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his hall of fame-level career.

But circulating rumors point to a different motivator for his return.

NBA rumors going around say that Ray Allen feels his 3-point record is under threat of being broken by Stephen Curry.

He holds the all-time 3-point record of 2,973, but the young Curry is surely finding his way up the ladder with 1, 593, and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down.

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If his hot streak continues, and it’s very likely that it will, as his playing style runs fluidly with the Golden State Warriors’ offensive strategy, analysts believe that Stephen Curry will shatter Allen’s record in about four seasons.

Ray Allen’s motivation to comeback in the NBA may be anchored on selfish reasons. He’s said to be negotiating a return via the Boston Celtics or the Milwaukee Bucks, yet even if he does return the reality of it is that he may not be able to do much at all to guard his record.

It is not likely for Allen to put up a Jordanesque comeback. He’d likely be assigned little playing time, and limited to being a pure shooter.

Will he be able to surmount the competition with all the young talent around after two years of absence? Will he be physically competitive still?

At 41, the reality of a Cinderella story seems highly unlikely. In fact, Ray Allen may be toying around the possibility of ruining his career, of being embarrassed by youthful rivals.

With Kevin Durant joining the Warriors, Stephen Curry’s offense may be mitigated, but he’s still young and has so much time to surpass Allen’s 3-point record.

Regardless if his record is secured or otherwise, Ray Allen will always be known as one of the best three pointers of all-time. He’s a winner in everybody’s book, and coming back would likely ruin that reputation.

Photo Courtesy: simplisctic.designs/Flickr

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