NBA Rumors: Ricky Rubio to demand trade if T’Wolves miss the playoffs next season?

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Ricky Rubio (Photo Courtesy: Joe Bielawa/Flickr)

The Minnesota Timberwolves have a very bright future as Tom Thibodeau, one of the best head coaches in the world, takes the control of the best young team in the league. However, the latest NBA rumors suggest that starting point guard Ricky Rubio may demand a trade if the Timberwolves missed the playoffs next season.

Minnesota failed to qualify for the postseason for the 12th straight season with a 29-53 record. Nonetheless, they have a great core of young players ready to take over the league like Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine and the fifth pick of this year’s draft, if they decide to keep it.

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The arrival of Thibodeau makes them even better as he is known for creating the best defenses in the NBA. Rubio may not be fully convinced by all of it, as he told Catalunya Vespre that he is starting to think about teams that can win.

“Next season is key. It’s a key season because the truth is that I’ve been five years in the NBA and six years without playoffs would be a long time. Well, I would be 26 years old and I would have to start thinking about being on a team that can get in the playoffs and can win,” Rubio said via Hoops Hype.

Even though it does not mean Rubio will be demanding a trade anytime soon, he expressed his frustrations on not making the postseason. He still has a contract until the 2018-19 season but his comments look like an ultimatum for the Timberwolves to start winning.

The desire to leave town must have come from the failed deadline trade that almost sent Rubio to the Milwaukee Bucks. However, it should be noted that the Timberwolves also made Thibodeau their new general manager after relieving Milt Newton of his position.

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Nonetheless, it could very well come down on how the relationship between Rubio and his new coach will be. As mentioned in a previous report, there have been rumors that Thibodeau might trade him this offseason but nothing was confirmed.

Photo Courtesy: Joe Bielawa/Flickr

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