NBA Rumors: Ricky Rubio poor shooting, headed to Kings for Rudy Gay

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Three-way trade suggest Nerlens Noel to Timberwolves, Brandon Knight to 76ers and Ricky Rubio to Suns?
Clearly, the Philadelphia 76ers are doing their best to arrange a trade that would send one of their big men Nerlens Noel to other teams and rumors are swirling that Noel will be involved in a three-way trade.

Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio followed a circuitous route joining the NBA by way of FC Barcelona Basquet of Spain, and upon finally doing so his early seasons have been marred by injuries. Could this be one of the reasons for NBA rumors trading him for the Kings’ Rudy Gay?

Ricky Rubio tore his ACL and his lateral collateral ligament defending Lakers’ Kobe Bryant. He’s also had problems with his ankles that have made him miss a huge chunk of the 2015 season.

Rubio’s injuries could be one of the reasons he’s been rumored around for a possible swap to the Sacramento Kings next season for small forward Rudy Gay, according to a report by Yibada.

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After all, Ricky Rubio’s inconsistency could be one thing the Timberwolves are wearisome about, and his injuries are said to have affected his athleticism. He remains a great passer, though, which means that a lot of star players could benefit from his ability to give them clean openings.

The Sacramento Kings’ center Demarcus Cousins will expectedly benefit from Rubio’s presence on the court. He has elevated his game with Rajon Rondo before he was traded to the Chicago Bulls.

The Sacramento Kings will obviously benefit overall from a point guard with a pass-first mentality.

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But the main trouble with Ricky Rubio’s stay with the wolves is rumored to be his terrible shooting. He’s not just bad from the 3-pt. line but in his overall field goal percentage as well.

Rudy Gay, on the other hand, has not been performing well enough under George Karl’s leadership. He’s reportedly requested a trade, according to a report by SB Nation, and his defensive skill-set will be much needed by the Timberwolves under Tom Thibodeau’s system.

Apart from fitting in a defense-oriented coaching, Rudy Gay’s stats of 17.2 points per game with 46.3 percent shooting from the field could give the Timberwolves a good lift.

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