NBA Rumors: Rockets will replace J.B. Bickerstaff with Scott Brooks as head coach

James Harden and Kevin Durant during game 6 first round playoffs (Photo courtesy: 2O/Wikimedia Commons)

Though the Houston Rockets have made the playoffs, there are rumors that they are now open for a search to a new coach and one of the candidates with the higher chance of landing the job is Scott Brooks.

Houston Rockets interim head coach J.B. Bickerstaff, who called the team ‘broken’ earlier in the regular season, have a high possibility to leave his position in the next season. It seemed like he cannot handle the team well and provide the right chemistry.

“We’re broken. It’s that simple. We’re a broken team, and we all need to use this break to figure out how we’re going to impact change. If we don’t want to impact change, then we need to be made aware of that, too, and we’ll go in a different direction,” Bickerstaff said via ESPN.

“We can’t continue to go out and play this way. It’s easy to see it’s a fragmented bunch. You can’t win that way.”

However, despite the struggles this season, the Rockets still played well enough to eke out a playoff spot. But as an eighth seed, they are considered huge underdogs to win against the defending champion Golden State Warriors led by MVP Stephen Curry.

Scott Brooks played for the Houston Rockets when they won an NBA Championship title together with star Hakeem Olajuwon. This could be an advantage for a coach since he had been part of the Rockets organization and had knowledge with the team’s history.

Also, as former Oklahoma City Thunder head coach, he is already familiar with how Houston Rockets star James Harden plays since he had handled him for a period of time. If the rumors about Kevin Durant considering signing with Rockets would be a fact, the team could have been a championship caliber in the future. Scoot Brooks’ appointment as head coach could be a factor with Durant’s decision to join the Rockets.

Scott Brooks’ experience in playing with one of the best big man in the league, Hakeem Olajuwon, could be an advantage that he can unleash the biggest potential that Dwight Howard have. Howard had shown his dominance in the past season but is not enough to put the team to a higher level. Brooks’ could provide him a key strategy on how he could help the team and dominate the game.

The Houston Rockets will need to hire the right coach to lead the team to an NBA championship. Scott Brooks is one of the top candidates who is without a job. Hiring the former Oklahoma City Thunder head coach could mean the Rockets are taking steps into the right direction.

Photo courtesy: 20/Wikimedia

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