NBA Rumors: Rudy Gay trade with Pacers’ Monta Ellis ends Kings dilemma; Paul George tandem

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Rudy Gay trade
Photo courtesy: Michael Tipton/Flickr, NBA rumors, Rudy Gay trade to replace Chris Bosh in Miami Heat roster, play alongside Hassan Whiteside

Small forward Rudy Gay has been on the Kings’ trading block for months now. By the same token, he’s been outspoken of his frustration with the team even though things may have been ironed out a bit after he’s met with Sacramento’s GM Vlade Divac.

It was a fruitful talk, where Rudy Gay had reportedly pledged his commitment, if the team decides to keep him. But all that positivity seems to have been short lived, as NBA rumors put him on a dilemma.

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According to a report by Basketball Insiders, it is no longer a question if a Rudy Gay trade will happen, but when and where he’ll be traded to.

He holds a Player Option next season and is expected to dress up in a new uniform soon, which makes it hard for the Kings to consummate a Rudy Gay trade. It is in this light that they are not expecting for a massive return for their star forward.

At this point, the only surprise we would be in is if he remains with a troubled team he’s openly criticized.

Fortunately, or, unfortunately, the Pacers’ guard Monta Ellis is also in some sort of a predicament.

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It seems that father time is catching up for Ellis, and although he’s still considered an asset to the team his initial decline is likely to mean he’d be demoted as a back up, a move that goes favorably for C.J. Miles.

The Pacers, led by Paul George, needs players that complements their star player.

Paul George is a terrific scorer who likes to drive to the basket, and performs best with the ball. His skills can be maximized when surrounded with players that can spread out the defense, and it is highly likely that C.J. Miles gets a priority over the aging Monta Ellis.

Monta Ellis and Rudy Gay had both been long in the NBA rumors mix for a deal, but now it seems that it is likely to push through, as reported by CSN.

Do you think a Rudy Gay trade is finally going to materialize?

Photo courtesy: Michael Tipton/Flickr

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