NBA Rumors: Rudy Gay trade to Houston coming soon? Rockets can give up Brewer, McDaniels or future picks

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Rudy Gay (Photo Courtesy: Mike/Flickr)

A Rudy Gay trade to the Houston Rockets may be coming in the next few weeks. A local radio station in Houston discussed the NBA rumors concerning the Sacramento Kings forward and confirmed that there were conversations between the Rockets and Kings for a possible trade.

The players mentioned in the Rudy Gay acquisition for the Rockets are Corey Brewer, Trevor Ariza and K.J. McDaniels.

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Brewer could be a salary dump option for the Kings and the Sacramento might agree to a deal if the Rockets can send a future draft pick. Ariza was a major part of the Rockets season last year and the Rockets might want to stick with him while McDaniels is still a young player and has potential to be a starter.

The Kings are on rebuilding mode and not seen as playoff contenders next season so getting young guys like McDaniels or future draft picks could be the plan in Sacramento.

The Rockets want to remain playoff contenders in the Western Conference after signing James Harden to a contract extension. The biggest free agency loss for Houston was Dwight Howard moving to the Atlanta Hawks but they could be a better team next season without the chemistry issues between their stars.

Without Howard, the Rockets are going with Clint Capela and Nene Hilario at the center spot. They also acquired Ryan Anderson in free agency and will make him their starting power forward.

With new head coach Mike D’Antoni, the Rockets are expected to remain a running team and will have a great offense in the upcoming 2016-2017 NBA Season.

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Could there be any truth in the Rudy Gay to Houston NBA rumors? Adding the veteran makes sense, as he is a versatile forward who can fit D’Antoni’s fast paced offensive style and he can start in the frontcourt or come off the bench for Anderson and Ariza.

Photo Courtesy: Mike/Flickr

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