NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook to beat Stephen Curry as NBA’s best point guard this season

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Stephen Curry (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr)

As the NBA moves on past Kevin Durant’s signing with the Golden State Warriors, leaving OKC and Russell Westbrook, and is now transitioning into rebuilding individual rosters, preparing for a trend of super teams; stories of Stephen Curry and his health in the finals continue to be opened up.

Although Stephen Curry doesn’t want to highlight on his injuries, not wanting to sound like making excuses, his trainer, Brandon Payne, brings up the notion that the 2x MVP wasn’t himself when they lost to the Cavaliers.

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According to CBS Sports Payne said, “As bad as I wanted it to be him (in the Finals), it wasn’t him. We don’t like to make excuses, and we’re not going to make excuses because all that matters is what happens in the 48 minutes when you’re on the floor. (But) I wish it was the other version of him, the version that we saw for 82 games.”

Is Curry’s health still going to be a concern in the upcoming season? NBA rumors continue to persist that Stephen Curry may still not be 100%, which is why it was best for him, too, to have skipped the Olympics.

If we’re not going to make a fuzz of the bygone NBA Finals, will Brandon Payne be saying the same things when Russell Westbrook overtakes Curry by being the best point guard in the NBA?

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Russell Westbrook is indeed poised to become the best point guard in the league when the season starts. Thanks to Kevin Durant, who abandoned him with a team for himself, and for spreading the concentration of the Warriors’ offense among many, which includes Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green etc.

With Russell Westbrook finally has full control of OKC, he is most likely to be at his best, running his own show.

Of course, Westbrook would need his teammates to perform as well. With Victor Oladipo sharing the ball handling assignments, he could improve by finding his best spots, and improve his range. He may not be able to rival Stephen Curry’s 3-pt. accuracy, but that’s one field he can really improve on with Oladipo in OKC’s roster.

Russell Westbrook will continue to be a triple-double threat each outing, while helping teammates to improve their game, as Kevin Durant did to him.

Last year, without Kevin Durant, he averaged 29.9 points, 8.9 assists and 7.4 rebounds.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry will have to adapt, depending on how the Warriors run their game with their new star. This apparently means he’ll have less ball possessions, their individual statistics shared among the team’s performers.

According to Sporting News, Stephen Curry will have to re-adjust his game to Kevin Durant who averaged 19.1 shots per game. While Curry averaged 20.2 shots, followed by 17.3 from Klay Thompson and 10.1 for Draymond Green.

Will Stephen Curry be able to find a way to skew himself through these challenges and still be the NBA’s best point guard?

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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