NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook MVP in 2017, thanks to Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry; outshines LeBron James

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Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Mark Cuban
Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant a true superstar says Mark Cuban

When Kevin Durant gave up on OKC for the Warriors, many took it too personally assuming things would become sullen for his old team, while his competitive edge was in question for joining a powerhouse final product. But it only opened up a wider door for Russell Westbrook to shine even more.

Not that Russell Westbrook needs any validation for his skills, or will to win.

NBA rumors speculate on his chances of winning the 2017 NBA MVP title. According to a report by Koco News Russell Westbrook finished second overall in a GM survey for MVP voting, behind LeBron James, but above Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry finished fifth and third respectively. But not only that, since they will both be competing for the title within their team, they’d be competing for votes too. That division would be a solid plus for Russell Westbrook who’s left out by Kevin Durant in OKC.

NBA rumors say that he’s probably tired of all the Stephen Curry hoopla too. So is this some sort of redemption for him?

“The thing about me you have to know is, I don’t care what other people are doing. I. Don’t. Care. I’m so busy worried about how I can improve, I just don’t have time to worry about what any other person is doing.” Russell Westbrook said in a report by GQ.

Needless to say, he doesn’t care that Kevin Durant had left OKC for greener pasture, or that Stephen Curry is getting so much attention. He’s capsulized, focused on himself.

Most analysts pick LeBron James to win this year’s MVP, and for a good reason. LeBron James will likely be more rested during the regular season running on trimmed playing time. It makes him fresh, healthy and prepared for the post-season where he’ll likely shine more.

However, NBA rumors spotlight on Russell Westbrook at all times ‘cause there’s only one way he can play. He plays hard all the time. He practices and plays a regular game like he’s on the finals, or game 7. People will see that again from him this season, and he will be a new favorite to win especially for being a lone star in OKC.

People love underdogs. Sentiments would likely favor him, and it’d all go against Kevin Durant once again for leaving him.

“It’s a new situation, but my mind-set stays the same. The best thing I can do is stay true to myself. If I do what I know how to do, everything else will follow.” Russell Westbrook said. Will an MVP title follow this triple double machine? NBA rumors speculate on the NBA’s most captivating player.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry will be adjusting much this season, having to share the ball more not just among themselves, but to it’s star studded line up.

But of course, don’t expect LeBron James to give up so easily.

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