NBA Rumors: Sixers want to win now, trade 2016 lottery pick for top star

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Bryan Colangelo (Photo Courtesy: Toronto Raptors/YouTube)

The Philadelphia 76ers lost many games in the last several years under former general manager Sam Hinkie’s “Trust the Process.” However, the latest NBA rumors suggest that new Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo wants to win now and he is willing to trade their lottery pick from this year’s draft to acquire an established star.

In an interview with NBA.com at a pre-draft camp Chicago last Thursday, Colangelo revealed that the team will explore all their options after the draft lottery on May 17. The Sixers has a chance to land another first round selection this year if the Los Angeles Lakers’ pick falls out of the top three.

“I think any time you have certain assets on the table in front of you, you need to determine what your best strategic move is, and some of that is yet to be determined. To what degree we’ll be aggressive, it’s too early to say,” Colangelo said.

“It really just comes from the conversation following the lottery results. That’s the one thing about the lottery. Once it’s completed we’ll know exactly what we have. Before anything else happens, that’s the first domino that’s got to fall. Tuesday’s a big day for us in a whole host of ways,” he added.

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Besides the possibility of two lottery picks, the Sixers also have two more first round picks, the 24th overall pick from the Miami Heat and the 26th overall pick from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Philadelphia also has a core of young players like Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid.

Some of the stars that were part of trade rumors in the past couple of months include DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, Paul George and Blake Griffin. The Sixers also have plenty of cap space to give to established players and role players in free agency to build around a star, if they ever acquired one.

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However, Colangelo and the rest of the front office will have to prove that the Sixers are serious about making it back to the playoffs. It would be very hard to convince players to join a team that has a record of 47-199 in the last three seasons.

Photo Courtesy: Toronto Raptors/YouTube

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