NBA Rumors: Sixers will likely to trade Simmons, Lakers to go with Ingram

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After losing a great number of games over the past three seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers has finally got the chance of rebuilding their strategy. The team has just won the NBA lottery for the top pick, granting them the right to pick anyone in the draft. They can either go with LSU freshman forward Ben Simmons or Duke guard Brandon Ingram. Rumors are rife on the net that the Sixers will likely to trade their number 1 draft pick, Ben Simmons.

The 6-feet-10-inch Ingram is the type of player that can switch on defense, but an analyst said that opponents will likely have a hard time catching him on offense. On offense, Ingram can shoot over the top of small defenders or even drive. On defense, Ingram still not fully developed, but his tremendous size (which report said has a 7’3 wingspan) gives him a chance to become a good defender. For the Sixers, it’s not an easy pick, but the right one.

Simmons is a 6-feet-10-inch forward from Australia with the lightning-quick speed. Simmons is fast, good ball passer and will undoubtedly improve Lakers’ ball games, but Simmons has one great flaw, his lack of a jumper which will likely limit him in the half court. In addition, Simmons was the only player (2015-2016 college season) to average more than 19 points, 11 rebounds and four assists this season.

Both players are widely considered to be the top two prospects in the NBA draft and analysts believe that any team in the NBA would be happy to add just one of them to their roster because they have these “potentials” to become franchise players.

However, Philadelphia’s head coach, Brett Brown said that the Philadelphia have not decided yet who they will pick to add to a young roster which already includes Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid. Both players have been selected third overall in the past two seasons.

The Philadelphia may not be as open as Lakers when it comes to considering trading away its first-round NBA draft choice, Ben Simmons, but the team hasn’t ruled out a trade to send the number one pick in the draft elsewhere.

The team general manager Bryant Colangelo has admitted that making a deal involving the top pick in the draft isn’t likely.

“I would say you never say never, but certainly trading the No. 1 pick is a highly unlikely situation,” Colangelo said in a statement, via the Lakers Nation.

Philadelphia has still plenty of young talents on board. It also has Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid and the team still has three more first-round picks this year. Reports said that the Sixers are looking for a good balance of veteran players and young talent and not picking outside talents elsewhere.

“I’ve been quoted as saying you can only have so many developing players in your fold,” Colangelo adds in a statement, via the Lakers Nation.

“There’s a lot to consider to finding a balance… I think there needs to be a blend of young talent and veterans on your roster, there needs to be a balance.”

Of course, no doubt the Lakers would love to get either Ingram or Simmons on their roster. The team believes that would be enough to fill the gap left by Kobe Bryant when it retired from the NBA. The team now can start the post-Kobe Bryant era with either Brandon Ingram or Ben Simmons, depending on what the Philadelphia want to do.

However, the Lakers still has one possible option left on the table, it can use a franchise player at the center position, something they already had done in the past with the former Lakers star ShaquilleO’Neil.

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