NBA Rumors: Spurs’ Manu Ginobili to retire after next season?

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Manu Ginobili has been a decorated member of the Argentinian basketball team. He recently decided to retire playing for the country. After his last international game in Rio, the NBA rumors of him retiring after next season might also happen after the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Ginobili is set to play his 15th year with the Spurs this coming season. But he did not re-sign with the team immediately as he seriously contemplated on whether he will return for next season or not.

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His retirement thoughts might be attributed to his age (39) and the wear and tear he had after 14 seasons in the league.

In the end, Manu’s eagerness to return prevailed. He earlier signed a $14M contract to play for the Spurs for one more year. This deal also brought the NBA rumors of him of possibly retiring in 2017.

According to Michael Erler of SB Nation, Ginobili’s retirement for Argentina might be a precursor to his eventual farewell next summer. The player’s emotional reaction after his last game for his country suggests that this NBA rumors report might be true.

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If Ginobili decides to retire next summer, he still carved out a great career in the NBA. He played for the Spurs throughout his career, but he won four titles with them.

Ginobili is also a two-time NBA All-Star in 2005 and 2007.

The decision is still left in Manu’s hands. It is also possible that he might come back after next season. But one thing is certain, he cannot avoid Father Time.

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