NBA Rumors: Stephen Curry to leave Warriors next summer; One reporter thinks he should

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Stephen Curry (Photo Courtesy: Noah Salzman/Wikimedia)

After the Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant, they quickly became the heavy favorites to win the 2016-17 NBA championship. However, the latest NBA rumors and one sports reporter suggest that Stephen Curry should leave the Warriors next season.

Jonathan Lee1 of SB Nation’s CelticsBlog thinks that Curry should walk away from Golden State and leave next season via free agency. He also suggested coming home to Charlotte and become the face of a franchise again.

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“The Warriors brass will definitely have the resources to resign Steph Curry, but he should walk regardless. Look, nobody will be shocked if they win a title next season, so that would be 2 for Steph. What more is there to prove?” Lee wrote.

“Conversely, if things go sideways and they flame out in the playoffs, why stick around for the media and fan backlash that would surely follow? So I say play out the deal, which ends at the end of next season,” he added.

It should be noted that this is just Lee’s opinion, but he does have a point. However, the reason why Durant chose to sign with the Warriors is not just to win an NBA championship. He left Oklahoma City to win a “bunch” of titles and they can’t do it without Curry.

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Even though he signed a 1+1 deal with the Warriors, Durant is not planning on going through free agency again. The salary cap will rise again next season and Golden State has the money to re-sign both Durant and Curry, so there is no point in leaving for both superstars.

“Yeah, I plan on being here. I plan…I don’t want to go through that again. I plan on being here. I’m committed,” Durant said, via NBC Sports.

Photo Courtesy: Noah Salzman/Wikimedia

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