NBA Rumors: Stephen Curry leaving Golden State Warriors in 2017—MVP clears air about free agency

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Photo courtesy: Jo Meel/Flickr

The newly built “Super Team” in Golden State will likely dominate the league for a long time after Stephen Curry revealed that he has no plans of leaving the Warriors in free agency next year. There were rumors and speculations about Curry clashing with Kevin Durant and that Curry will consider other NBA teams next summer.

Warriors fans can now stop worrying about the powerhouse team being broken up after the 2016-2017 NBA Season. Curry, the two-time NBA MVP, said in a recent interview that he’s not thinking about free agency yet but is optimistic of staying in Golden State.

“I hope not,” Curry said to The Mercury News when asked about fans and reporters asking about his free agency plans next year. “Because we’ll worry about that in the summer. My answer’s not going to be different all year.”

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Curry was also asked about being distracted about free agency next year but promised he’s focused on the games.

“Maybe. But I’m not gonna let it distract me at all. I want to be back here. I like playing here. And that’s it. The rest of it is what we’re gonna do this year.”

The Warriors were already a strong team, coming from back-to-back NBA Finals appearances and an NBA title before they acquired Kevin Durant in the 2016 offseason.

With Durant, they are again the favorites to win the NBA title in the upcoming season.

However, both Durant and Curry will hit free agency after the 2016-2017 NBA Season. Both are expected to earn the maximum contract. This is Curry’s first big “payday” after earning just $44 million in four seasons, including $12.1 million for the upcoming season.

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There are NBA rumors that Curry will consider a homecoming to the Charlotte Hornets if the Warriors fail to win the title again in the upcoming NBA season. But from the Warriors superstar himself, the fans don’t have to worry about him leaving the team like Durant did for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Photo courtesy: Jo Meel/Flickr

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