NBA Rumors: Steve Kerr has found the right person to replace Luke Walton

Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors are now on their way to search for the next lead assistant coach after Luke Walton was finally announced as the Lakers head coach last week.

There is no wonder that Walton is a big factor in the team’s success especially when he took over as the Warriors head coach when Kerr suffered from back injury at the start of the 2015-16 NBA season.

Walton made a good impression from the teams who are in need of a coach after establishing a 24-0 start with the Warriors. Luke Walton is the first person that Kerr’s hand-picked for his staff to become a head coach for an NBA team.

“Luke and I will have a lifetime friendship,” Kerr said during a press conference via Mercury News. “We will undoubtedly share ideas and thoughts, coaching-wise that kind of thing.”

“I think that’s kind of how the NBA is, it’s kind of a fraternity and you have a lot of friendships within that community and you look after your pals and you share ideas,” he added.

The Warriors is undergoing an intense screening regarding the candidates who will take over Walton’s position. But according to ESPN, Steve Kerr has already found the right person to be the next Golden State Warriors assistant coach.

ESPN speculated that former Utah Jazz center Jarron Collins, who is being groomed to be the next head coach of the Warriors, will be the one taking over Luke Walton’s position. Collins earned praises from Kerr since he became part of the Warriors’ coaching staff so many believed that he will be Walton’s replacement as the direct assistant of Kerr.

However, until the Golden State Warriors officially announce the next assistant coach, there is still a possibility that other assistant coaches such as Bruce Fraser and Ron Adams have chances to land the job.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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