NBA Rumors: Suns GM Ryan McDonough plans to pull a ‘2007-Allen-Garnett-to-Celtics’ like trade; Tucker, Chandler, Knight, and Bledsoe most likely trade candidates

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Devin Booker
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Phoenix Suns general manager Ryan McDonough believes that most NBA teams will be active on the trade market sooner than later. As the Suns continue to struggle, they are expected to make multiple trades to surround Devin Booker with quality teammates.

The Suns entered the 2016-17 NBA season with the goal of ending their six-year playoff drought. However, with their current status, the Suns are projected to miss the playoffs once again. So far, they ranked 24th in NBA’s offensive and defensive efficiency.

As the February deadline approaches, the Suns are one of the NBA teams who is expected to be highly active on the trade market. According to SB Nation’s Bright Side of the Sun, Suns GM Ryan McDonough expects teams to make a move early this season.

“If I had to guess I’d say there would be more early action this year,” McDonough said on Bright Side Night in an exclusive interview. “Where teams are saying all right, we’re not going to wait until February, the trade deadline. Let’s do a deal in mid-December and solidify ourselves that extra 2+ months to integrate a guy and climb up the standings to make sure we are in the playoffs.”

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Ryan McDonough has done multiple trades for the Suns since he became the general manager in 2013. Before he headed to Phoenix, McDonough worked with the Boston Celtics for 10 years as an assistant general manager of Danny Ainge.

In 2007, the Celtics succeeded to build a title contender team. Ainge made series of moves that gave them Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. His effort paid off as they won the 2008 NBA Finals after beating the Los Angeles in Game 6.

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The Suns remain optimistic that they could earn a playoff spot this season. However, in order to accomplish such goal, they really need to improve their current roster. McDonough believes that doing what the Celtics did in 2007 is the most effective way of building a title contender team.

“I know the Suns historically haven’t done that as much,” McDonough said. “Or at least not to the level that we are doing it, but I feel like it’s the most sustainable way to build a contending team in today’s NBA.”

So far, the Suns have Devin Booker as the superstar who will lead the team in the succeeding years. According to Dave King of SB Nation, P.J Tucker, Tyson Chandler, Brandon Knight, and Eric Bledsoe are the most likely trade candidates for the Suns. If the right deal comes along, expect the Suns to make a trade on or before the February deadline.

Photo courtesy: Dennis Adair/Flickr

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