NBA Rumors: Suns trading either Bledsoe or Knight to make room for Devin Booker

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Eric Bledsoe (Photo Courtesy: Joseph Glorioso Photography/Flickr)

The Phoenix Suns already had problems dealing with the combination of Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight even before the emergence of Devin Booker. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Suns may end up trading either Bledsoe or Knight to create more minutes for Booker.

A knee injury in December that ended Bledsoe’s season paved the way for the unexpected emergence of the 19-year-old guard. He finished his rookie year averaging 13.8 points, 2.5 rebounds and 2.6 assists in 76 games. He showed his ability score off the dribble and knock down threes like a splash brother.

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According to Dan Feldman of NBC Sports, the Suns will probably be patient with their three guards but they can make a trade at the deadline if it does not work. NBA rumors have already surrounded Bledsoe this offseason but no deal was made.

“Bledsoe, Knight and Booker are under contract three more seasons, and Knight has a fourth year. The Suns can be patient – if their young guards go along with it. Otherwise, Phoenix is ripe for a trade,”
Feldman reported.

On the other hand, Roberto Payne of FanSided noted that Bledsoe and Booker will undoubtedly be the starters. He suggested that Knight should not be a priority and the team needs to make him the sixth man or trade him.

“Phoenix has to realize Devin Booker, not Brandon Knight, is the priority. Knight is an imperfect fit for the Suns and should be benched or traded,” Payne wrote.

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It should be noted that these are just NBA rumors and nothing has been confirmed. Nevertheless, Devin Booker is the clear cut future of the Phoenix Suns and the player they need to build around. He is a superstar in the making.

Photo Courtesy: Joseph Glorioso Photography/Flickr

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