NBA Rumors: Thon Maker works out for Charlotte; will he join Jeremy Lin with Hornets?

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High school seven-footer Thon Maker worked out with the Charlotte Hornets in a pre-draft workout session on Friday. Experts and his peers keep comparing him with Kevin Durant, but the South Sudan native has shrugged of the comparisons.

“I see myself as more of a modern version of Kevin Garnett,” Maker said.

Maker’s sensational ball handling ability and impressive shooting make him comparable to the former MVP Kevin Durant. The 19-year-old is considered as the “mystery man” of this coming NBA Draft. He also worked out with the San Antonio Spurs, and several teams are interested in investing on him.

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Maker thinks he can use the floor like the veteran NBA star who played for the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves.

“I can space the floor out a little bit more, like KG used to. But guys, they see some moves and they imagine a Kevin Garnett.” Maker continued, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Experts and scouts have seen very little basketball from the 7-foot-1 Maker as of now as his path to NBA has been unique. He skipped college career and declared himself for the NBA Draft. The Hornets own the 22nd overall pick and have no second round pick. They will take a shot at Maker on Draft night with their only first round pick, if he is available.

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Maker feels he is ready to face the challenge of the professional league. The seven footer born in Sudan, took an unconventional path through Uganda, Australia, Louisiana, Virginia and Canada to finally land in NBA.

Photo courtesy: flickr

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