NBA Rumors: Blockbuster trade sends Blake Griffin to Hawks; Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver to Clippers

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If the Los Angeles Clippers and Atlanta Hawks fail to have a good start in the season, then they could try these suggested NBA rumors to regain their footing in the NBA.

Both teams have earlier expressed that they would not trade their key players next season. However, there are so many NBA rumors that might still happen based on the situation of the two teams.

According to Andrew Lynch of Fox Sports, this rumored blockbuster trade is based on ESPN’s trade machine that would upgrade the lineups of the Clippers and Hawks.

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Lynch suggested trading Clippers’ Blake Griffin and Brice Johnson in exchange for Hawks’ Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver. This will help the Clippers win one more game compared with their projected wins, while Atlanta loses a game than their projected one.

Andrew added that having Millsap and Korver on the Clippers roster would upgrade the power forward and small forward positions of the team. He also added Minnesota’s 2018 first round pick from the Hawks to balance out the trade.

He is not suggesting that Millsap is a better player than Griffin, but he is believing that the former can also do almost what the latter can bring on the court. This is also a good trade for the team since they now have Korver, who is arguably much better than the other small forwards on the Clippers’ roster right now.

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Of course, this NBA rumors is just an idea and is not an indication of what is going to happen to both teams in the future. But this trade might really improve their campaigns next season if it came to fruition.

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