NBA Rumors: Tyronn Lue was opposed to the decision to fire David Blatt

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Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/ Flickr

Tyronn Lue urged the Cleveland Cavaliers not to fire head coach David Blatt ahead of the All-Star break. The decision led LeBron James and company to play dominating basketball in the playoffs and advance to the NBA finals.

Lue pleaded with David Griffin that firing the American-Israeli head coach would be excessive, considering the Cavs‘ 30-11 record under him. Lue’s initial reaction was also pointed when told about the decision.

“This is f—— up, Griff,” Lue said to Griffin, as reported by Real GM.

Griffin then calmly offered the post of the head coach to Tyronn Lue.

“What’s done is done. I’m asking you if you can lead this team?” asked Griffin.

“Yeah, I can f——g lead this team,” was Lue’s response.

Lue revealed his feelings of that phase after the Cavaliers advanced to the NBA finals on Saturday.

For Tyronn Lue, the experience of taking charge as a head coach the very next day was overwhelming. He had gone through the interview rounds and was prepared for the  assignment. But replacing David Blatt, one of the most experienced coach in the NBA, was a challenging task. Lue’s Cavs had to face the Chicago Bulls within few days only.

LeBron James wanted the 39-year-old to take charge as new head coach after Blatt’s removal.

“I knew what he was capable of,” James told “I’ve had a long history with Coach Lue.”

James knew that Lue was prepared for the head coach’s job. He knew many teams are eyeing to rope in Lue as their head coach. But the Cavs‘ All-star didn’t want Lue to become the coach of any other team. It was James who suggested Lue’s name to the Cavs‘ management as their new boss.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/ Flickr

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