NBA Rumors: Vince Carter back to Toronto Raptors? Veteran wants to play 2 more years

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Photo courtesy: Forex101/Wikimedia Commons

Vince Carter has one year left in his current contract with the Memphis Grizzlies but says he wants to play two more years in the NBA before retiring from the league leading to NBA rumors that he might return to the team he first played for. When he hits free agency next offseason, could the veteran guard consider going back to the Toronto Raptors where he first found his fame and success in his career?

Carter was asked about his former team’s run in the 2016 NBA Playoffs and the veteran was impressed with the Raptors’ performance this postseason where they reached the Eastern Conference Finals and pushed the Cleveland Cavaliers to six games.

“It was awesome. It was awesome. I reached out to Kyle [Lowry] and DeMar [DeRozan]. I’m not really big on doing the whole reaching-out-through-social-media, so-everybody-sees-it type thing. It’s just not my thing,” Carter said via before he received the award for NBA’s “Teammate of the Year” before Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

“You know, we talked. I just told them, I was like, “You guys are the best,” and they should hold their head up high. Because not only did they make history, they actually changed a lot of minds of a lot of people. Everybody thought they could be here.”

Carter said that he followed the Raptors’ progress in the postseason and this open NBA rumors that he might consider playing his final year in the league in Toronto. Carter has an expiring contract after the new season and he will be a free agent.

“So I think they had a heck of a run, and I was just proud to read about it, to listen to people talk about it. Where it was like at one point they weren’t even talking about them in The Finals and next thing you know, the Raptors could possibly do it,” Carter added.

“It was great to see it, and to know at one point I was part of that and to see your record go down, I mean, all records are broken at some point. We’re seeing a lot of history this year throughout the NBA, and it’s great to see, because that’s why we play the game.”

Carter has one year left in Memphis but with his statement of liking how the Raptors have improved it will lead to NBA rumors that he might want a comeback with Toronto. If Carter and Toronto decides to hook up once again, it would be a perfect ending for Carter’s career in the NBA.

Photo Courtesy: Forex101/Wikimedia Commons

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