NBA Rumors: Warriors consider trading Draymond Green; Explore deal with the Orlando Magic or Denver Nuggets

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Draymond Green already has the reputation of being one of the “dirty” players in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors forward is also involved in a recent assault allegation which could put him in hot water, according to the latest NBA rumors. Should the Warriors consider trading the controversial Green since they already acquired Kevin Durant this summer?

The case against Draymond Green

Green is one of the most versatile players in the league and one of the leaders in triple-doubles in the NBA last season. The 26-year-old forward was the steal in the 2012 NBA Draft and was selected just as the 35th overall pick in the rookie selection.

However, Green’s attitude on the court has been criticized around the league. Green has a reputation of dirty plays in the last two seasons including kicking opponents during the game.

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Early police reports on Monday said an unidentified NBA player was confirmed to be arrested for assault. Late Monday, ESPN confirmed that it was Draymond Green and that he slapped an unidentified male, who taunted the Warriors All-Star.

Can the Warriors consider letting him go via trade? If made available, Green will be the hottest item in the NBA rumors section as teams will be willing to take the risk with him despite his apparent temper inside the court.

There’s some sense for the Warriors in trading Green although they will miss his toughness, versatility and defense. However, Golden State also acquired superstar Kevin Durant and the Warriors will remain a powerhouse team even without Green.

The Warriors can also net multiple players if they decide to trade away Green. The Warriors need additional players and depth after they committed most of their salary cap to Durant.

There are many NBA teams that may be willing to give up a big man packaged with other players in a trade with the Warriors for Draymond Green.

Some examples include the package of Orlando Magic’s Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon or Denver Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried and Will Barton. Both trades will give the Warriors additional depth and a big man that will start for them.

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However, despite Draymond Green’s run-in with the law, it looks like the Warriors will still stick with their All-Star as he is a vital part of the team the last two seasons.

Green being traded by Golden State are all part of NBA rumors for now, but if the forward continues to get in trouble on and off the court, the Warriors may consider a deal in the future.

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