NBA Rumors: Will Dwight Howard join Jeremy Lin in Hornets in free agency?

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Dwight Howard (Photo Courtesy: Haber garaj/Flickr)

Dwight Howard may join Jeremy Lin in Hornets roster in a free agency move this summer. The Rockets’ star declined a $23.2M Option to hit the free agency on Tuesday.

The Charlotte Hornets pursued Howard before the February trade deadline. But the Rockets’ star preferred to stay back in Houston and wait for the offseason to unleash a move.

Money is a big issue why Howard decided to hit the free agency. But if he is eyeing a max deal, no team would sign him. If Howard sticks to the point that he won’t sign unless he gets a max contract with the salary cap increasing for next season, teams will walk away. He is the perfect choice for many teams for a reasonable price. Despite having a disappointing season with the Rockets, Howard still remains a high level defensive player in the center position.

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Like the Charlotte Hornets. Steve Clifford has built a team which stunned everyone to reach the playoffs this season. But the team desperately lacks a rim protector. The former Rockets’ center should fit in perfectly in the Hornets roster. One more thing for which Michael Jordan’s team should pursue the free agent this summer is that the Hornets need an established star like Dwight Howard in their franchise to make further progress.

But there is one hangup, as pointed out in a report published in the CBS Sports. Adding Howard could limit their cap space when they eye at returning their own guys who has hit the free agency like Jeremy Lin.

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From Howard’s perspective, the Charlotte is a decent option for his impending free agency move if they pitch a lucrative offer to him. To strike form after a strenuous season, the star center has worked with renowned trainer Mike Clark in Atlanta, according to the Real GM.

Photo Courtesy: Haber garaj/Flickr

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