NBA Rumors: Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili set to retire following Spurs’ loss

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Is it the end of the road for Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili? The San Antonio Spurs bowed out to Kevin Durant and company in the Western Conference semifinals. Will Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli retire following this failure? Both the veteran stars have hinted about the possibility of retirement; revealed that they are still uncertain about their return in the league next season fueling NBA rumors that they could call it quits soon.

“I’ll get to that after I get out of here and figure out life. That’s it,” said Duncan after his team was eliminated in game 6. Remember, the 40-year-old has won five NBA championships. The Spurs legend was also a part of the franchise record of 67 regular season win his team posted this season.

His Kiwi opponent of this Conference semifinal series, Steven Adams hailed veteran Duncan’s stardom.

“It’s just amazing to see him still come out there and still be able to bust you up if he needs to, man,” Adams said. “That’s amazing, man. It was quite awesome just playing with him.” Adams was only four year-old when Duncan debuted in professional league.

Manu Ginobili feels proud of being a part of the Spurs’ side for a prolonged period.

“Of course, it’s been an amazing run. We all enjoy playing with each other. I’m so proud of having played with those guys for so many years and winning so many games, and even playing with the new guys. If there’s a reason why you always want to come back and keep being part of this, [it’s] because of the amazing chemistry, the good times and the good people that you play with and spend time with,” Ginobili said, via Real GM.

“It’s not always about winning a game or winning a championship. But you learn from losses, and it’s important to enjoy every day. Being a part of this team, I’m very proud of it, even if sometimes it doesn’t go our way.”

NBA rumors will persist about the possible retirement of Duncan and Ginobili until both decide and announce their plans for the future.

Photo courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/

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