NBA Trade: Kristaps Porzingis to Boston Celtics for ‘a top pick and player’

PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks

Kristaps Porzingis skipped the exit meeting with the New York Knicks to voice out his frustration with the team’s lack of direction. The latest NBA trade rumors revealed that the Knicks are willing to move Porzingis for “a top pick and player.”

The drama surrounding the Knicks continues to get complicated after Porzingis expressed his displeasure with the team’s dysfunction. The Knicks struggled in Porzingis’ first two seasons in the NBA, resulting for them to extend their playoff drought to four years. The dispute between team president Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony proved to be a major contributor in the Knicks’ current situation.

In the upcoming offseason, most people expect Anthony to waive his no-trade clause to join another team. Derrick Rose will also become an unrestricted free agent and opens the possibility of leaving the Knicks. Recently, there are also speculations about the possible departure of Kristaps Porzingis with the Knicks trading him for “a top pick and player.”

NBA Trade: Kristaps Porzingis to Boston Celtics

According to Michael DePrisco of Fansided, the Boston Celtics should consider making a move once Kristaps Porzingis becomes available on the trade market. The Celtics currently have a plethora of trade assets to make a deal with the Knicks.

“If Porzingis is indeed available, Ainge and the Celtics need to heavily consider the prospect of acquiring the talented big man. I would consider putting the 2017 Brooklyn pick on the table, because Porzingis is better than almost every player in the current draft, and fills a need at power forward for the Celtics. Pay close attention to this story, it might turn into something real by draft night,” DePrisco wrote.

The Celtics hold the Brooklyn Nets’ 2017 first-round pick which will likely be the No. 1 selection in the upcoming draft. Most mock drafts predict Markelle Fultz heading to Boston. However, the Celtics already have Isaiah Thomas at the point.

The best move for the Celtics is to use the pick to boost their roster. The Knicks are reportedly interested in drafting Fultz but it remains questionable if they are willing to part ways with Porzingis this summer.

NBA Trade: Kristaps Porzingis loves to stay in New York

Porzingis decided not to answer questions nor give an explanation about his decision to skip the exit meeting with the Knicks. However, the 21-year-old Latvian center revealed that he would love to stay with the Knicks, closing the possibility that he will demand a trade this summer.

“Of course, I love New York. I love New York,” Porzingis said in an interview outside of his Manhattan apartment.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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