NBA Trade Rumor: Doc Rivers wants Clippers version of ‘Big Three’ to stay intact

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Doc Rivers of the Los Angeles Clippers is making his stand that he does not want to break their own version of the “Big Three” composed of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. The 54-year old mentor and Clippers president of basketball operations dismissed all swirling NBA rumors that the three are up for grabs this summer.

Rives explained that players opting out of their respective contracts are but natural because the player knows how much the team can spend for them in the coming season. It also gauges if the player has a worth to the team and he insisted with USA Today that they will everything to bring back everyone on their roster for next season.

“I like our core and I like our bench, which was really good this year. I think they all want to come back, and we’re going to make a strong effort to bring all our guys back. The good news about the free-agent guys who are opting out on their contracts — as they should because everyone knows what we can spend and what we can’t spend — I can’t find one who doesn’t want to be here,” Rivers said.

Though he admitted that injuries had greatly affected the team’s performance this year including their early exit in the Playoffs after being eliminated by the Portland Trailblazers, but he is still optimistic that having a healthy roster next season will take the team to greater heights.

“I would love to have seen us a hundred percent healthy going into the season. And if we hadn’t have won it then (under those circumstances), you would have known exactly what you need to do. So now it’s more guesswork. But I think we have a pretty good idea of what to do,” Rivers added.

The Clippers’ bench tactician looks at the possibility of injecting fresh blood from the coming draft since most of their bench players and veterans are already in the mid-30s. He stated that combining fresh legs with the veterans is always a balancing act that if one gets the right combination will win championships.

“We’re picking in the mid-20s. So to think you’re going to hit a home run or get the guy who’s going to take you over the top, it’s just silly talk. I mean, we’re going to do a great job in the draft, but historically, it doesn’t happen,” Rivers explains.

The Clippers are taking a short break to heal those injuries and will be back in training camp by the summer in time for the draft and Rivers hopes that everyone would be healthy as they get back on the drawing boards again.

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