NBA Trade Rumor: Jeremy Lin new point guard for Dallas? Or replace Derrick Rose in Chicago?

NBA trade rumor include Jeremy Lin for next season
Latest NBA trade rumor involves former Charlotte Hornets point guard Jeremy Lin whether or not joining Dallas Mavericks or Chicago Bulls in next season.

NBA trade rumors circulate around Jeremy Lin’s fate after he announced his decision to leave the Charlotte Hornets. Some reports state that he might land this summer with the Dallas Mavericks reportedly to show interest in the Asian-American guard.

The Mavericks announced their need to reload their line-up for the new NBA season. To achieve that, they need a new starting point guard and free agents like Jeremy Lin could be available to make the move to Texas.

It was previously mentioned that if they truly plan to include Lin in the team, they need to do something with Deron Williams, who may opt out of his Dallas’ contract and explore free agency.

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Various sources claim that if Williams finally leaves the team, they will need to upgrade the line-up. This is why they want Jeremy Lin to come in.

Focus Taiwan cites Jeremy Lin’s considerations when it comes to joining another NBA team.

“Everyone knows that I’m a free agent. The most important thing for me is that I want to be happy,” the 27-year-old point guard adds in Mandarin. “And of course, it will depend on whether I am a starter and how much playing time I get. I will all that into consideration.”

In addition to his considerations are his future coach and teammates. For a teammate, he says the team should be “humble” and his coach should like him as a new team player.

Meanwhile, NBA trade rumors include the interest of Chicago Bulls for Jeremy Lin. Their option of getting rid of Derrick Rose from the team seems like one of the top priorities for the team.

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To improve the team, they don’t want to bring Derrick Rose back on any type of long-term deal or for any significant amount of money, Pippen Aint Easy reports. The Bulls can trade Rose this offseason and get a cheaper point guard like Jeremy Lin.

Would Jeremy Lin says yes to the Dallas Mavericks or chooses to land with the Chicago Bulls for the next NBA season? Stay tuned for more NBA trade rumor updates.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/@jlin7

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