NBA Trade Rumors: 5 blockbuster deals we want to see before Thursday’s deadline

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Kevin Love (Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons)

All the NBA trade rumors are in—some has legs, some has none and just whimsical suggestions with obvious bias to certain teams.

Some has sort of logic and could actually happen—after all, the NBA can be random like a Blake Griffin punch in a Canadian restaurant and unpredictable like a Stephen Curry step-back jumper from way behind the arc.

Nonetheless, it’s the most interesting time of the NBA season for all teams and fan bases. With the trade deadline looming, a major tweak here or there could be the difference between a bright or bleak future for any franchise.

Here are the Top 5 blockbuster trades we want to see happen before the NBA’s trade deadline on Thursday.

All trades checked and rechecked via ESPN’s Trade Machine, so according to the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (NBA CBA), these trades are allowed as per league trade rules.

1. Los Angeles Clippers – Cleveland Cavaliers Trade
Chris Paul ($21.47M) and Blake Griffin ($18.97M) for Kyrie Irving ($16.4M) and Kevin Love ($19.69M)

Why not: LeBron James gets buddy CP3 and the Cavaliers remain in contention for the NBA title. Meanwhile, Clippers get two stars in return and remain in good position to be major Western Conference powers in the upcoming years.

2. New York Knicks – Chicago Bulls Trade
Carmelo Anthony ($22.9M) and Jose Calderon ($7.4M) for Taj Gibson ($8.5M) and Derrick Rose ($20.1M)

Why not: The Knicks can finally move on from the Melo Era in New York and focus on surrounding talent around rookie star Kristaps Porzingis. The Bulls also moves on from the Derrick Rose Era and forget about his injury-riddled stint in Chicago.

3. Atlanta Hawks – Memphis Grizzles Trade
Al Horford ($12M) and Kyle Korver ($5.7M) for Marc Gasol ($19.6M)

Why not: This year could very well the final opportunity for the Grizzlies squad to contend for a title because of pending free agency of most of their key players. This trade puts them back in Western Conference contention by adding a big man and shooter to replace the injured Gasol, who is out for the season.

Meanwhile, the Hawks give up on this year but are in better position for the long-term with Gasol as one of their core players.

4. Denver Nuggets – Boston Celtics Trade
Danilo Gallinari ($14M) for Avery Bradley ($7.7M) and Jae Crowder ($6.7M) plus future first picks/s

Why not: The Celtics get a potential star in Gallinari although they have to give up two excellent defensive role players and a future pick. However, Boston badly wants a star in their line-up and Gallinari’s shooting should fit in with Brad Steven’s unselfish offensive system.

For the Nuggets, they get two reliable players but getting the future picks could be vital as they rebuild in the upcoming years.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves – Oklahoma City Thunder Trade
Ricky Rubio ($12.7M) and Zach LaVine ($2.15M) for Russell Westbrook ($16.74M)

Why not: Breaking up the tandem of Russell Westbrook-Kevin Durant could be tough for OKC to take but the duo of Ricky Rubio, a pass-first point guard unlike Westbrook; and LaVine, who will add backcourt depth, could be what the Thunder need to go deep in the Western Conference playoffs.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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