NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics acquiring JR Smith leads to trouble? Free agent Tyler Zeller return remains murky?

NBA Trade Rumors on Boston Celtics acquiring JR Smith Tyler Zeller
Latest NBA trade rumors reveal Boston Celtics acquiring former Cleveland Cavaliers’ JR Smith a huge gamble for team. Move on Tyler Zeller to get shooting guard a big mistake?

Acquiring JR Smith to Boston Celtics certainly is considerably a high-risk for the team as per latest NBA trade rumors. Given the $15 million deal for a great shooting skill, perhaps this move guarantees a good return.

Smith’s desire for a $15 million salary is crystal clear. However, for Celtics’s move on spending that much to acquire him is agreeable.

This is so far the biggest gamble for the team. Yet, to achieve the goal of improvement on defense, they need to get JR Smith while he’s a free agent.

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Based on the team’s progress in the previous seasons, Boston Celtics clearly needs to have a sharp shooter in the team to improve their game.

Prior to acquiring Smith, the team was hopeful on James Young and RJ Hunter for shooting improvements. Yet, they failed to show any sign of progress.

Hence, having the former Cleveland Cavaliers’ shooting guard in their hands is the best option. As much as the records are concerned, a good game for Celtics awaits them.

Averaging 40 percent of the whooping 510 3-pointers he made in the previous season, it is quite a proof he could give Celtics a great contribution.

Reports noted that he earned 1.014 points per play in the previous season alone, only a fraction lower than Jimmy Butler and James Harden.

In addition, his 83rd percentile among the other NBA players makes sense why Boston Celtics sees the need to have him in their hands.

Regardless of these good records in his NBA career, JR Smith obviously does not meet the demands of Boston coach Brad Stevens, however.

Chris Forsberg of ESPN cited that he does not fit Steven’s mantra on the basketball court though he knows the missing ingredient for the team.

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According to the same source, he has the tendency to exaggerate defense wherein he boxed out and knocked down Jae Crowder, who happened to be in Celtics as well.

That being said, there is much curiosity among the Celtics fans to how the team could work out the game with JR Smith in the next regular season.

In the meantime, restricted free agent Tyler Zeller return remains a doubt until 2018, Hoops Hype noted. Boston Celtics’ earlier announced renouncing his rights in the team to allow Smith’s one-year deal.

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