NBA Trade Rumors: Bradley Beal to Boston? Celtics good spot for star guard after rift with John Wall exposed

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Could the rift between John Wall and Bradley Beal lead to a trade for one of the star guards of the Washington Wizards? NBA trade rumors have mentioned the Boston Celtics wanting another star in their roster. Would a trade for Beal accomplish their dream of adding another big name in their roster?

Wall and Beal are not on the same page for most of the games last season, the former admitted in an interview. Wall sees Beal as a “sidekick” and admitted that both of them need the ball to be effective. Wall says it could work but they need to have more chemistry for the Wizards to be successful next season.

Wall’s chemistry problem with Beal can be solved though if the Wizards decide to trade the latter and get players that can fit alongside their star point guard.

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Because Beal recently signed a huge extension with the Wizards, a five-year $127 million deal this summer, cannot be traded until January 14, 2017. This is good for the Wizards since they can wait and see first if the Wall-Beal duo will work in the early part of the 2016-2017 season or see Beal’s value by other teams and try to trade him near the NBA Trade Deadline.

The Celtics acquired Al Horford in free agency but are not seen as a squad that will seriously challenge LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. To be at par with LeBron’s team, they need another star player and Bradley Beal could be the answer.

Boston is already set at the point guard spot with Isaiah Thomas. Via Real GM’s Trade Checker, they can send Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and Amir Johnson to Washington, in exchange for Beal, who will start alongside Isaiah Thomas in the Celtics’ backcourt.

The Celtics’ depth at the guard spot will suffer but they still have Terry Rozier, R.J. Hunter and Gerald Green in that rotation.

For the Wizards, Wall remains the franchise player and they’ll add depth to their guard and frontcourt rotation.

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Other NBA trade rumors involving Boston have included the future first rounder form the Brooklyn Nets (2017 first round pick) and defensive stalwart Jae Crowder. With this trade, the Celtics won’t give up both and still get their star player.

Photo courtesy: Photo courtesy: JoeGlo Photography/Wikimedia Commons

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