NBA Trade Rumors: C.J. McCollum aggressively recruiting Paul George to join Portland Trail Blazers

Paul George trade
PHOTOGRAPH: joshuak8/Flickr | Paul George of the Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are yet to decide whether they will trade Paul George in the upcoming offseason or not. However, C.J. McCollum is already making his own move to recruit George to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Last month, a fan asked McCollum on Twitter whom he wants the Trail Blazers purse this summer. Without hesitation, the 25-year-old guard answered “Paul George.” George has been frequently mentioned in various trade rumors since the February deadline.

In an interview, George said that he isn’t giving the Pacers any guarantee that he will sign a massive contract extension this summer. He’s set to become a free agent in 2018 and reportedly interested in joining his hometown team, Los Angeles Lakers. If the Pacers fail to convince him to sign an extension, George is expected to be available on the trade market.

C.J. McCollum says Paul George would look good wearing Blazers’ jersey

In the past months, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers appeared to be the top trade destination for George. However, C.J. McCollum will surely push the Trail Blazers to join the pursuit for the Pacers star. In an interview with Taylor Rooks this week in New York (via Slam Online), McCollum said George would look good wearing the “red and black” next season.

“Paul George is the homie. He’s with Nike. I’ve had some discussions with him about the season, and what it’s like to go from… He was behind Danny Granger for a while. [Granger] gets hurt, and then he comes up and becomes a star and kinda takes over. So just talking to him about his mindset. He would look good in red and black that’s all,” McCollum said.

Paul George will help Portland dominate the Western Conference

Despite having the explosive backcourt duo of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, the Golden State Warriors easily swept the Trail Blazers in the first round. Portland obviously needs to add another “star power” in order to become a legitimate title contender next season. Once George becomes available on the market, they should make a move to add him to their team.

“He gives you that star power,” McCollum said. “You’re in the Western Conference. Obviously, there’s a lot of very good teams. A lot of teams that are deep. A lot of teams that have three, four horsemen. Some teams have five. And you have to be able to match them blow for blow. It takes a lot more than one good player, two good players, three good players. You need to have a collective unit. Obviously, Paul George would help any team in the NBA.”

Photo courtesy: joshuak8/Flickr

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