NBA Trade Rumors: 3-Way Celtics, Bucks, Clippers deal sends Blake Griffin to Boston, Jabari Parker to Los Angeles, Jaylen Brown to Milwaukee

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Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin (Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/

The Boston Celtics are still searching for a blockbuster trade this offseason while the Los Angeles Clippers are worried that Blake Griffin would leave in free agency. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks want a more balanced line-up to continue their rebuild. The three teams are mentioned in the latest NBA trade rumors.

Basing on NBA trade rumors this 2016 offseason, below is a blockbuster deal that will please the Celtics, Bucks and Clippers as they aim to make the playoffs or the title in the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Celtics-Bucks-Clippers Blockbuster 3-Way Trade

The Boston Celtics get Blake Griffin, and adds star power after an active offseason. Boston got veteran big man Al Horford this summer and the Celtics will have a scary frontcourt of Horford-Griffin if this deal happens.

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After NBA trade rumors of trying to get Jahlil Okafor (Philadelphia 76ers) and Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls), the Celtics finally add another star that can bring them to the same level as the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Milwaukee Bucks get Amir Johnson, Avery Bradley and Jaylen Brown in this blockbuster deal. Losing the young Jabari Parker is big but they get three players that can be part of their main rotation and will have a more balanced line-up.

Johnson will be a good backup at the center spot or even start. Bradley can start over Matthew Dellavedova or backup both guard spots while Brown will be their starting wing of the future.

Giannis Antetokuonmpo is the franchise player in Milwaukee and dealing Parker now makes sense. Both play the forward spot and only one will be featured as their main star in the future. Getting Bradley and Brown will be big for the Bucks, since these positions are their weak spots.

The Los Angeles Clippers get Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe and moves on from the Blake Griffin drama. The athletic power forward is part of their “Big Three” in Hollywood but Parker can also be a star. Monroe gives them depth in the frontcourt.

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Who wins in this blockbuster three-way NBA trade rumors between the Bucks, Clippers and Celtics?

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/

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