NBA Rumors: Greg Monroe heads to New Orleans Pelicans after Milwaukee Bucks’ buyout?

NBA trade rumors on Greg Monroe heading to New Orleans Pelicans after Milwaukee Bucks
Recent NBA trade rumors mention Greg Monroe heading to New Orleans Pelicans after Milwaukee Bucks reported buy out for the power forward.

The latest NBA rumors suggest that Greg Monroe will be heading to the New Orleans Pelicans if the Milwaukee Bucks waives or buys out the contract of the big man.

Rumors have mentioned that the Milwaukee Bucks seemed to dislike having Monroe in their team because he’s a bad fit. With a record of 33-49 last season, the team is looking to move the big man, possibly via a trade or buying out his contract.

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Due to the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), wherein the team waives the player anytime regardless of the reasons behind the decision, them Bucks would still owe Monroe his agreed salary if they cut him from the team.

Adam McGee from Behind the Buck Pass cited that the Milwaukee Bucks certainly avoided having this kind of dispute. That move resulted to their continuous search for a team who could accept Monroe in their roster, via a trade.

Unfortunately, ESPN boldly suggests that Bucks will end up buying out the big man since there’s no trade market for Monroe. They added that no teams needed centers like him.

If this is how the case turned out, Monroe has to agree for a significant reduction to allow him to see possible paths where he could land after leaving Bucks.

Recently, Marc Stein of ESPN mentioned that amid the unclear destination for Monroe, the New Orleans Pelicans could land the big man if he is released by the Bucks. According to Stein, there are no clear details to the terms between him and the Pelicans but it is a possibility.

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Within his stay in Milwaukee Bucks, Greg Monroe averaged 15.3 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists on 52.2 per cent shooting from the floor last season.

Monroe’s stats are respectable and he could be of value to other NBA teams who need a rebounding and scoring big man.

If the NBA rumors are true, hopefully he’ll be given a chance to play for his hometown New Orleans Pelicans next season.

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