NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics persistent to acquire Jimmy Butler for Avery Bradley and Amir Johnson

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NBA Trade Rumors
Photo courtesy: Shinya Suzuki/Flickr

In the latest NBA trade rumors, All-star Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls is being rumored for a possible trade with the Boston Celtics. There are indications that the Celtics may be able to do business with the Bulls, as well as the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to reports, Butler was almost acquired by the Celtics prior to June’s NBA Draft where there were talks that the Bulls demanded a package of the no. 3 draft pick (with which Boston selected Jaylen Brown), Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and a few other players to take part in the trade.

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The Celtics, however, didn’t feel like it was the right asking price by the Bulls so they ended the negotiations. But it seems like the two teams haven’t moved on with the trade because according to ESPN insider Tom Haberstroh, the Celtics and the Bulls could do a re-engagement involving Butler before the trade deadline ends.

“Jimmy Butler for Avery Bradley, Amir Johnson, the 2017 Brooklyn Nets first-rounder (for which Boston has swap rights) and another first-rounder,” Haberstroh wrote. If the Bulls’ highly-flammable situation combusts in the early going, don’t be surprised if the Celtics make a godfather offer for Butler. The Bulls’ rebuild may be near.”

According to Inquistr, sending the two-time NBA All-star to Boston would likely make a huge impact negatively at the small forward position for the Bulls and neither Bradley nor Johnson would be able to fill that hole.

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Moreover, Bradley and Johnson are great players on their own right, who contribute quality minutes, but if they were able to play for the Bulls, their minutes would have to be lessened. Chances are, they’ll end up doing bench roles.

These NBA trade rumors about Butler going to Boston may only benefit the Celtics but if you look closely to the team’s roster, really not so much for the Bulls.

Photo courtesy: Shinya Suzuki/Flickr


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