NBA Trade Rumors: Justin Bieber to Brooklyn Nets; Fans enraged as singer mimics Shawn Marion

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Photo courtesy: Adam Sundana/Flickr.com

NBA playoffs are creating waves around the world, but sadly Brooklyn Nets are nowhere near it. However, an interesting NBA trade rumor could create a ripple in the lives of the Nets’ fans. Is the New York City team considering Justin Bieber as their next free agent signing? The singer’s recent Instagram video certainly suggests that and it has already been on the receiving end of an onslaught from the fans.

The video shows Justin Bieber using his very unorthodox jump shot to nail 3-pointers at the Brooklyn Nets’ practice facility. Bieber may be thinking that he’s as good as Steph Curry, but his skill set doesn’t highlight that and the video has received immense criticism from the fans.

The fans are naturally unhappy with the Nets performance this season and with the club’s Twitter account posting the video, they had a platform to vent out their frustrations. One even went on to say that he will quit being a Nets fan if the account doesn’t take the video down.

Bieber was not seeing dribbling in the video and hence the sole focus was on his jump shots. Incredibly they were similar to the four-time All Star Shawn Marion, whose jumper is considered as one of the weirdest in NBA history.

Despite having an unorthodox look to his play, the 22-year-old’s shots were impressive and he could easily sneak in as the Nets forward next season. He may go on to help the team better their 21 game win record of the regular season. We must remember that Bieber is a basketball fan and he is regularly seen watching live NBA games.

Although Justin Bieber has many fans called “Beliebers” there are more in this world who allegedly loathes the singer. For them it might be a nightmare to even see the singer throwing his ugly jump shots at the Barclays Center. However, we never know what lies ahead. Maybe, the man born in London, Ontario, Canada has a future in NBA after all.

Photo courtesy: Adam Sundana/Flickr.com  

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