NBA Trade Rumors: Nerlens Noel calls Sixers situation ‘silly’, expect trade with Celtics, Timberwolves soon

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Nerlens Noel (Photo Courtesy: Regina/arcphoto/Flickr)

Philadelphia 76ers center/forward Nerlens Noel is confused with the big man situation with his team. In a recent interview, the Sixers big man said that “something needs to happen” in Philadelphia, which easily leads to NBA trade rumors that Noel wants out or that the Sixers will make a trade before the NBA season begins in October.

“I think it’s just silly . . . this situation that we are in now with three starting centers. With the departure of Sam Hinkie, I would have figured that management would be able to get something done this summer,” Noel said during the team’s NBA media day via Philly.com. “I think something needs to happen.”

Noel’s observation is not new with many NBA rumors tackling the same thing. The Sixers management even admitted that they need to swing a trade in the 2016 offseason to get a “more balanced” line-up for the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

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Two of their frontcourt players, center/forward Noel and center Jahlil Okafor are the two most mentioned players in trade speculations. Both are reportedly on the trading block this summer.

The Sixers also have Joel Embiid, Dario Saric and Ben Simmons, who can all play the big man position.

“I feel like it definitely needs to be figured out. I think at the end of the day, again, you have three starting-caliber centers. And it’s just not going to work to anybody’s advantage having that on the same team. That’s how I’m looking at it. I’m not opposed to anything, but things need to be situated,” Noel said though he said he is not demanding for a trade out of Philadelphia.

The two teams mentioned in Sixers rumors are the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves, both of which have extra guard or wing players to make a perfect deal with Philadelphia.

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Mentioned in the trade rumors are the Timberwolves’ Ricky Rubio and Zach LaVine and Celtics’ Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley. Will the Sixers listen to Noel and finally swing a trade?

Photo Courtesy: Regina/Flickr

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