NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George finally breaks his silence on potentially teaming up with LeBron James in Cleveland

Paul George trade
PHOTOGRAPH: joshuak8/Flickr | Paul George of the Indiana Pacers

After the Cleveland Cavaliers failed to defend their throne, NBA trade rumors started to swirl around Paul George who will reportedly team up with LeBron James to beat the Golden State Warriors next season. George denied the rumors and said that he hasn’t talked with “The King” about joining the Cavaliers.

“I don’t talk to LeBron at all. We don’t communicate. I look up to LeBron, obviously. He’s been a tremendous ambassador to this game. He’s been a very huge influencer for me outside of the game, but we don’t communicate and figure out where one another’s going,” George said.

NBA Trade Rumors: LeBron James, Cavs need Paul George to beat GSW

Despite George’s statements, it will be interesting to see how he can help the Cavaliers reclaim the title next season. The Cavs’ current roster is obviously not enough to beat the Warriors in a best-of-seven-series. The addition of Kevin Durant created a mismatch in the ongoing rivalry between Cleveland and Golden State.

Paul George will undeniably bolster the Cavaliers on both ends of the floor. He can make all things easier for LeBron James, giving him plenty of time to rest. However, acquiring George will force the Cavaliers to break their core. As most people, Cleveland needs to send a trade package centered on Kevin Love to make a deal with the Indiana Pacers.

It will be also hard for them to pursue George in 2018 when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. The Cavaliers are currently dipped in the salary-cap hell and only have limited ways to improve their roster.

NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George believes Pacers are close to contention

Despite suffering an early exit in the NBA Playoffs 2017, Paul George has strong belief that the Pacers could dominate the Eastern Conference next season. George believes making the best moves in the draft night and in the free agency market will help the Pacers match any teams, even the Cavaliers or the Warriors.

“In ways, I feel like we are close,” George said, per ESPN. “It’s hard not to believe that because we did the best against Cleveland of anyone and we could have won that series. At the same time, we need some more talent, we need better players.”

As of now, George is yet to decide whether he’ll sign a contract extension with the Pacers or not. In the past months, he expressed his desire to lead the Pacers to their first NBA title. However, George made it clear that he wants to play for a team who can contend for the title next season.

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