NBA Trade: Rumors suggest Kings send DeMarcus Cousins to Lakers; 76ers get Ingram, Suns get Okafor

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Kings send DeMarcus Cousins to Lakers; Philly gets Ingram, Calderon, and Young while Suns get Okafor and Kings taking in Knight, future picks?
Rumors are suggesting that the Sacramento Kings send DeMarucs Cousins to the Lakers and involve two more teams to make it happen.

Trade rumors in the NBA have spiked up with the league already playing their NBA preseason games. Rumors are suggesting that the Sacramento Kings send DeMarucs Cousins to the Lakers and involve two other teams to make it happen.

NBA Trade Rumors note that as the Kings should take this opportunity to trade Cousins. His value has increased after his performance at the recent 2016 Rio Olympics. Aside from the Kings, the rumored trade would involve the Lakers, 76ers, and Suns.

The supposed trade the scenario would look like this: Kings sends Cousins to the Lakers, the Lakers in return will send Brandon Ingram, Jose Calderon, and Nick Young to the 76ers. The 76ers will then ship Jahlil Okafor to the Suns and the Kings ends up with Brandon Knight with future picks.

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Cousins’ name has been in trade talks and the Kings main reason is his attitude. He is often linked to the Lakers as a possible replacement for Kobe Bryant, who retired last season. Cousins could very well be the next face of the Lakers as ISport Times reported.

Everyone knows the Lakers are in for a major overhaul with no one to possibly lead them and getting Cousins would be the right move. Assuming they do not see Ingram as a legit franchise player.

Since the 76ers consists of a young squad and with injuries hounding their possible run this season. With the trade, it also brings an interesting note with two of the top rookies in this year’s class teaming up. But the Ingram-Ben Simmons team up will have to wait since the latter is still nursing a right foot injury.

It would be interesting to see how Young, Ingram, and Calderon will blend in with the 76ers’ young and tall line-up. Calderon for one will be able to help in spreading out the floor for the 76ers’ big men to work well inside the paint while Young could help on offense.

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By getting into the trade the 76ers, for their part, may put Okafor on the trade table and send him to the Suns. The 76ers have always wanted to discuss the logjam in their roster and by cutting ties with Okafor it could address the situation.

While everyone gets their fair share, the Kings will then take in Brandon Knight plus a return of the 2017 and 2019 first round picks. In addition, the Kings will also get the Lakers’ 2017 first round pick owed to the 76ers.

With the preseason games already underway, teams are ready to make their roster cut, and trades could be risky. But if teams such as the Kings, 76ers, Lakers, and Suns want their chances this season to increase they might as well explore possible trades.

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