NBA Trade Rumors: Three-team trade suggests Blake Griffin ending with the Trail Blazers

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Three-team trade suggests Blake Griffin ending with the Trail Blazers?
Rumors suggest the Los Angeles Clippers engage in a three-team trade that would send Blake Griffin to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Even if the preseason has started, trade rumors are still picking up and these do not spare any of the superstars in the NBA. Rumors suggest that the Los Angeles Clippers are engaged in a three-team trade that would send Blake Griffin to the Portland Trail Blazers.

The supposed trade, as noted by NBA Trade Rumor, will involve the Clippers, Trail Blazers, and the Sacramento Kings. In the trade, the Clippers would give up Griffin and will get Rudy Gay, Myers Leonard, Allen Crabbe and a 2018 pick. The Trail Blazers will then receive Griffin while the Kings will take in Noah Vonleh.

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The Trail Blazers need to bounce back from its disappointing season last year and if they get Griffin it would be a welcome addition. Griffin would relieve some pressure from Damian Lillard and help spread the floor on offense. The trade would also open up the shaded area and give C.J. McCollum more room to work.

For the Clippers, they should consider rebuilding their roster whether they like or not as they have always fallen short of the playoffs. If the trade was to happen, Gay together with Leonard, and Crabbe would be assets in the coming season. The Clippers has an aging roster that needs to inject new blood into it.

Paul Pierce and Jamal Crawford are bound for retirement and Gay could take their place as he is in his prime. The Clippers could also invest on Leonard and Crabbe, who Doc Rivers could guide in turning them to future NBA All-Stars. To compensate them as well, the Clippers will be receiving a 2018 pick which they could either use for future trades if the thing does not materialize.

However, the Kings will have to build 21-year old Noah Vonleh fast to a superstar status if they want a result this season. Gay has been ultimately wanted a trade and cutting ties with him will solve one of their problems.

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The Kings under Dave Joerger will definitely need its bench this year to come up with big plays and there Vonleh will come into play. The Kings offense will revolve around DeMarcus Cousins and he will need all the help he can get. Though Vonleh has not yet made is a breakout season, Joerger will be able to motivate him to bring out the level of play he did during his college days.

During his college days Vonleh a member of the Third-team All-Big Ten (2014); Big Ten Freshman of the Year (2014); Big Ten All-Freshman Team (2014); and McDonald’s All-American (2013). If Joerger could find the All-Star in Vonleh then Cousins could have an effective wingman as well.

It would be interesting for teams involved in the said trade to take a look at these situations as they are plausible. However, if the Clippers, Trail Blazers, and Kings are contented with their respective roster then they need not bother to explore any trade till the midseason.

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