NCAA final: Villanova buzzer beater sparks Michael Jordan memes on social media

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Photo courtesy: T.J. Hawk/Flickr.com

Villanova secured an all-time classic victory over North Carolina in the NCAA final in an only way imaginable: on a buzzer beater that will stay inscribed forever in college basketball history books.

As soon as Kris Jenkins of Villanova hit the game-winning shot for the NCAA championship, Michael Jordan’s meme exploded on social media. However, this was totally expected and most people found it unsurprising.

Here’s the video of the buzzer beater:

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/NCAA March Madness

Jordan was found smiling after the final moment and said something to his friend Ahmad Rashad. If one can leap read, then it read something like “good shot”.

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/DaHoopSpot Productions

Internet was also filled with pictures of his crying memes.

Jordan’s emotional moment with Craig Sager also did not escape the prying eyes of the social media.


People had their fair share of fun with the Jumpman logo as well.

Here’s how Villanova fans lost their find after Jenkins did the exceptional.

NOVA WINS!!! O M G -@bennettonair

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Villanova won its first national championship in 1985 and it was the biggest upset in the history of college basketball. However, their latest one has taken an instant spot in the annals of the sport.

Photo courtesy: T.J. Hawk/Flickr.com

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