New York Knicks Rumor: Phil Jackson caught in between Frank Vogel and Kurt Rambis

As news of Frank Vogel getting fired by the Pacers, looks like its nothing new for Knicks president Phil Jackson who is on vacation and puts on hold the search for their new head coach.

New York Knicks president of basketball operations Phil Jackson is caught in a dilemma of whether to get hold of Frank Vogel or to stick it without with buddy Kurt Rambis for the vacant coaching position for next season.

In a shocking move, the Indiana Pacers announced through their social media account that they have fired Frank Vogel Thursday and thank his services for the past seasons with the team. It was reported that Vogel’s style of coaching has been in contrast to what Pacers’ president Larry Bird wants for the team. Bird wanted a more up tempo style of game such as that of the Golden State Warriors but Vogel opted to go with the traditional transition mode of play.

It was also rumored that Vogel’s firing could lead up to a Celtic reunion between Bird and longtime teammate Kevin McHale, who recently announce his withdrawal for coaching contention with the Sacramento Kings. Vogel’s termination came days after the Pacers lost to the Toronto Raptors in a grueling Game Severn series in the first round of the Playoffs.

Though rumors are swelling that Vogel’s phone is ringing by the minute as teams such as the New York Knicks, Houston Rockets and even the Sacramento Kings are trying to outbid one another to land him the coaching job and Jackson will be under fire if he does not make that phone call.

The Knicks are in long search for a new head coach since his best buddy Kurt Rambis took over the helm as interim coach after firing Derek Fisher. Now, Jackson like Bird wants things to be run his way and that is to stick to the triangle offense. Rambis has been under Jackson since coached the Lakers and is already familiar with the system. The question now is Vogel ready to embrace the triangle philosophy of the Zen Master?

Aside from the triangle thing, if Vogel lands the job he will also have to content himself with the opinion by Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, whose frustration with the team is growing by the season. Anthony wants to shake things down with the Knicks and told that players should also be held accountable also for whatever destiny they are to end up with.

“Being able to hold guys accountable, but also having a relationship with the player. Kind of seeing things from a players’ perspective as well as a coach’s perspective. I think if you can build that camaraderie between a coach and a player, I think you’re onto something,” Anthony said.

But as the Knicks’ search for a new head coach goes on and with the availability of Vogel in place, Jackson is seem not interested and is more keen on giving the full time job to his close friend Rambis. Jackson is putting the coaching search on hold as he goes on a vacation keeping all the Knicks fans on the edge of their seats if he even knows that the Pacers had let go of Vogel.

If Vogel ends up coaching elsewhere and Jackson has not done his part, looks like things will turn out ugly in the Knicks front office for sure and fans might call for Jackson’s head to roll out of the exit door as well.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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