New York Knicks Update: Mike Fratello wants in for Knicks coaching job

The New York Knicks are still without a coach and Mike Fratello wants the job.

The New York Knicks are still without a coach and things are looking at Phil Jackson needing just the right time to anoint buddy Kurt Rambis for the job. However, with the position still available, former Memphis Grizzlies coach Mike Fratello sent in his resume to formally apply for the job vacancy.

The 69-year old bench tactician turned sports broadcaster stated Friday that he would gladly hear from the Knicks front office of the job as he is also in to the triangle offense.

According to NY Post, Fartello told WFAN, Thursday he would like the Knicks job.

“I just want one more big headache. How about that? San Antonio does it (triangle offense). Golden State has incorporated it. There’s a number of teams that have parts of the triangle that they use. They just don’t use the same wording as Phil and as his great assistant, Tex Winter, did over the years. So you can find a place for it in your offense,” Fratello said.

For Fratello, almost all of the teams in the NBA incorporates the triangle offense and explains although not all of the teams immerse themselves into the system, they rather take some pieces of it and develop it with their own style that would fit their squad.

“They have all taken pieces of the triangle, because parts of the triangle are inherent to offensive basketball. We overload one side of the floor, and the other side of the floor is obviously the weak side of the floor,” Fratello added.

Now Jackson has another veteran coach added to his list of possible candidates, although it’s quite obvious who he really wanted for the job, but for formality sake he has Fratello, Frank Vogel and Scott Skiles who are very available.

Rambis together with Knicks general manager Steve Mills were both in the NBA Combine to do some scouting assessment for their potential draft and neither of them would want to comment as to the coaching matter with the team and would decline to give any clue as to where Jackson is all of this time. Fratello, who holds a 667-548 record in his 16 seasons in the NBA, stressed that he would want to talk and listen to Jackson and what is his offer for the coaching position.

“If Mr. Jackson has any free time and wants to talk, I’d love to talk to him,” Fratello said.

It would be interesting on how Jackson will approach a veteran coach like Fratello, who would want to coach the Knicks, knowing that he has somebody already in mind for the job.

Photo Courtesy: Mike Fratello @MikeFratello/Twitter

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