Nick Young credits Soulja Boy, Luke Walton & coaching staff for resurgence

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Nick Young, Soulja Boy, Luke Walton, Lakers
Lakers news on Nick Young, Soulja Boy, Luke Walton

Ten-year NBA veteran Nick Young is playing with much enthusiasm as if he’s just starting up in the league. Considering that he was well on his way to being cut from the team last season for his mediocre performance, one can say he’s been reborn.

While “Swaggy P” was previously criticized for his extracurricular activities that affected his basketball career, for his lack of focus, the new version of Nick Young is able to back up his talk and more.

After being sidelined for 2-4 weeks for an injured right calf muscle, Nick Young made 42 three-pointers, more than any Laker in history during a 9-game span. Apart from that he’s been working hard on his perimeter defense, which coach Walton demands of him.

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“He’s been on me and demands a lot from me,” Nick Young said of Luke Walton in a report by OCRegister. “I take that as him being confident in me. A coach believes in you and wants you to do all these things that you’re not used to a coach telling you to do. It feels good.”

Nick Young credits Soulja boy for hot shooting

Nick Young has not only improved dramatically on his defense and 3-pt. shooting, but also on his overall efficiency. He is currently performing his career best with 47.7 percent from the field and 44.9 percent from three.

For his resurrection and skyrocketing performance he credits rapper Soulja Boy and the Lakers coaching staff.

“Just sharing the ball, playing as a team,” Young said. “It’s the Draco Soulja effect. And we just passing the ball and having fun. Enjoying the game,” Nick Young said in a report by SlamOnline.

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For the team’s overall resurgence he credits the Lakers coaching staff. “But the [Lakers’] coaching staff has been great. They put the ultimate confidence in me. That’s why I go out there and do it. I think without them, none of this really would be going on. They’ll tell me from the sideline to shoot the ball. They give me the green light,” according to a report by LakersNation.

Luke Walton has a way with dealing with his players. Like Steve Kerr, he makes sure they all have fun, move the ball well, and gives the green light to shoot. Some of the things he preaches, Byron Scott before him had preached but couldn’t connect with them.

“He’s a players’ coach,” Nick Young said of Walton. “He knows how to relate to players. He’s not stuck in his ways. He doesn’t hold grudges or anything.”

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