No Russell; No problem for LA Lakers

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LA Lakers
LA Lakers

The LA Lakers are (trying their best) at .500 after seasons of disappointment. They have beaten teams like the Oklahoma Thunder, Houston Rockets and convincingly the Golden State Warriors. But one thing is for sure, the LA Lakers are much better this season.

And all this despite losing star point guard D’Angelo Russell after a PRP injection on his left knee sidelined him for a minimum of two weeks.

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“I was in a lot of pain, but I knew how to control it,” Russell shared with ESPN. “I knew what not to do. (There are) so many games in this league, so it’s hard to stay healthy when you’re injured and try to maintain that focus. I can’t really move the way I want, so when I try to fight it and [do] sharp movements and plant and do stuff like that, it aggravated it.”

Thankfully, all signs seem to indicate that the Lakers guard is almost a hundred percent who was described as “better” after recent check-ups.

“Definitely don’t want to force anything back,” Russell said. “I feel like I got to be 100 percent perfect before I step back on the floor.”

Meanwhile, another key player in the LA Lakers roster finally made his return against the Pelicans as Julius Randle played his first game after suffering a hip pointer injury. Unfortunately, the team also lost Nick Young during the game after hurting his leg. And ultimately lost the game.

LA Lakers doing well even without D’Angelo Russell

Despite these injuries though, the young and gunning Lakers squad seem to be at the top of their game, playing through all the doubts and naysayers. Some are already impressed with the team’s performance thus far. So much that they are predicting the club to perform much better this season.

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“While a few early games are too small a sample size, the Lakers do appear better equipped to sustain the nicks and bumps and aches and pains of an 82-game regular season,” wrote LA Daily News. “But here the Lakers are at (almost) .500, decisively beating quality opponents with two of their best young players sidelined.”

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