OKC Thunder Center Enes Kanter taunted LA fans following Westbrook deal

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OKC Thunder Center Enes Kanter taunted LA fans following Westbrook deal

Russell Westbrook made it clear that he’s happy with the OKC Thunder and that “there’s nowhere else” he’d rather be than with his current team. LA Lakers fans were left in uncertainty as they earlier put all their faith back again in a young (and some old) team that will attempt to put together the pieces of a gigantic purple and gold puzzle.

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But OKC Thunder center Enes Kanter taunted LA fans further, by tweeting some insulting memes, obviously directed at the Lakers. The Crying Jordan meme, albeit with some minor editing, also contained the caption “stop refreshing the page Lol. It’s true.”

Obviously poking fun at Lakers fans who are still in disbelief that Russell Westbrook agreed to a three-year, $85 million contract extension with the Thunder. The tweet, shown below, is another stab at the LA team who was expecting the OKC Thunder guard to move to LA next season and hopefully lead the Lakers back to championship contention.


After posting the meme, Kanter took to Twitter again, this time to attack his former teammate, Kevin Durant. In the new tweet, Kanter showed a photo of Westbrook, mouth agape, in an OKC Thunder shirt, with the caption “I ain’t gonna join the enemy, I’m here to compete.” This was an obvious dig at Durant, who, as the entire world would probably know by now, moved to the Golden State Warriors, abandoning Kanter, Westbrook, and the rest of OKC-a team and city that many thought would be his last.

If NBA fans look closer, the clearly Photoshopped image can be traced to a photo of Kevin Durant in the Players Tribune.

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While OKC Thunder center Enes Kanter taunted LA fans, Kevin Durant and teammate Klay Thompson flew off to Rio to play in the 2016 Summer Olympics and win (most probably) another gold medal.

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