OKC Thunder opponents haunted in Oklahoma hotel before games

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OKC Thunder
OKC Thunder

The City of Oklahoma is extending their help to Russell Westbrook and the rest of the OKC Thunder to beyond the grave as recent reports have indicated hauntings for visiting teams staying at the Skirvin Hilton hotel.

The last incident of a ghostly visit was reported by LA Lakers forward Metta World Peace when his team visited the Thunder last October 31, in what also was a disappointing loss for fans of purple and gold.

It was not just the loss which would haunt World Peace.

“The ghosts were all over me. I just accepted it,” World Peace said recalling his encounter. “They touched me all over the place. I’m taking one of the ghosts to court for touching me in the wrong places.”

But recently, another team visiting Oklahoma was yet another victim of the infamous Skirvin hotel ghost.

Miami Heat forward Justise Winslow shared his own experience, detailing how he saw his bathroom door moving on its own while staying at the Oklahoma City hotel.

“That really happened,” said Winslow who was also complaining about the bugs and roaches in the room (among other things). “I’m just trying to get through this trip as quickly as possible. I try and spend the least amount of time in my room. I go down, sit at the bar, get me something good to eat, watch TV, watch football, but I don’t spend a lot of time in that room.”

Teammate James Johnson also experienced his own scare while using the bathroom, when he was suddenly shook (literally) by an earthquake while at the hotel.

“I was on the toilet in a haunted hotel, and the room just started shaking crazy and my door was wobbling back and forth. I’m nervous,” Johnson shared. “And all of a sudden I get a whole bunch of knocks on my door. I open my door and there’s like six teammates, outside: ‘Did you feel that? Did you feel that?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, what was that?’ And they were like, ‘It was an earthquake.’”

Unfortunately, the haunting and earthquake seemed to have rattled the Heat, with Miami losing to the OKC Thunder 97-85.

Photo Courtesy: Paul L. McCord Jr./ Flickr

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