Paul George hits fan, gets ejected from game against Chicago Bulls

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Paul George
Paul George

Things were going relatively smoothly for the Indiana Pacers Saturday night as they were enjoying a comfortable lead late in the third quarter. But then something unexpected happened as Paul George kicked the ball into the stands hitting a female fan sitting courtside.

Which earned him the technical foul, the flagrant foul and the ejection back to the locker room.

The entire incident happened as George reacted to a call that he was (obviously) very unhappy with. He then decided to take out his frustration on the ball and kicked it into the stands. Unfortunately, he didn’t kick high (or low) enough and sent the ball to the face of a female audience member.

Paul George immediately went up to the fan and apologized, but that did not stop referees from sending George out of the game.

The entire chain of events can be seen in the video below.

According to reports, the fan claimed that George had apologized and seemingly will be providing her with season tickets, to make amends for the accident.

George made sure to apologize to Pacers fans during their post game conference, while also crediting his team for pulling out a win despite the incident.

“I meant to kick the ball against the mat, the stanchion, I guess,”  George said after their 111-94 win against the Bulls. “And my soccer skills isn’t as good as I thought. I apologized to the people who I hit, and I’m glad my team was able to pick up this win and me not be at fault for the loss.”

Paul George is also expected to be penalized with a fine, and he is more than willing to pay the price.

“Sure, I’ll get a fine,” George said. “It happened. But most importantly, we got a good win tonight.”

This was Paul George’s first ejection in his entire NBA career and caught some people, including Pacers coach Nate McMillan by surprise.

“It looked like he got frustrated with the call and kicked the ball,” Pacers coach Nate McMillan said. “And whenever you punch or kick a ball [and] it goes into the stands, that’s an automatic ejection.”

It should be well noted that Paul George will now never consider a football career.

The Pacers go up against the Hornets next, while the Bulls will face Orlando Tuesday.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/ Flickr

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